Dance events

Your danceschool will be closed on the below dates for public holidays:

Fall breaksunday 15-10-2023 t/m sunday 22-10-2023
Closedtuesday 21-11-2023 t/m thursday 23-11-2023
Christmas breaksunday 17-12-2023 t/m thursday 04-01-2024

Practice evenings:

28-10-2023Practice evening
11-11-2023Foute Avond (you can't come dressed wrong enough)*
25-11-2023Practice evening
09-12-2023Practice evening
16-12-2023Christmas Ball (Glitter & Glamour)**
06-01-2024Oliebollen Ball (free entrance)

* Foute Avond : € 10 entrance fee – the worse the clothes, the better
** Christmas Ball : € 15 entrance fee – Glamour & Glitter,
jacket and tie required, no jeans and/or sneakers etc.

Doors open at 20:30 hours (unless indicated otherwise).

Have lots of fun dancing!!

Ger en Carla van der Velden.